Contest of the BRICS Countries Ideas and Projects for People’s Better Quality of Life & Intra-BRICS Systemic Exchange of Good Practices

BRICS Solutions Awards 2020 Winners and Finalists announced! Check out results!

About BRICS Solutions Awards
BRICS Solutions Awards has been thought as the contest for BRICS countries projects and ideas helping to improve people’s quality of life, and foster systemic exchange of good practices among BRICS countries to promote growth and welfare, inform respective national policies, and build up a pool of the BRICS countries joint projects.
Against the background of the challenges faced by the world in 2020, BRICS Solutions Awards becomes even more significant, since it shall signal the BRICS countries’ unity and solidarity, and their political will and practical readiness to find joint solutions to the common issues. It shall demonstrate to the countries in the most difficult situations and the most vulnerable communities that they can rely on the BRICS countries’ support, and that no one will be left behind.

Moreover, BRICS Solutions Awards shall facilitate collaborations of the BRICS countries bright individuals and organizations, which on the one hand, will allow for the BRICS countries’ project and thought leaders to unveil their potential and get BRICS-wide recognition, and on the other – will contribute to further strengthening of the BRICS countries cooperation ties.
The main objective of cooperation between the BRICS member countries, as we see it, is to deliver real benefits for people and help improve living standards and the quality of life.
Vladimir Putin
President of the Russian Federation
BRICS Solutions Awards is organized by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, which is Russia’s Presidential Project Office for major transformational economic, technology, education and social sphere projects and initiatives, with invaluable support from BRICS Russia 2020 Organizing Committee, BRICS Business Council (and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation in particular as its Russian Chapter), and Roscongress Foundation (Russia’s major congressional organizer).
BRICS Solutions Awards will culminate with a special ceremony under the auspices of the BRICS Russia 2020 Presidency.
Nominations & Winners
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Evaluation criteria

The solution corresponds with the nomination's objective
Required resource – achieved effect ratio
A solution/practice is novel and original
of potential beneficiaries
A solution/practice can be adapted and exported to a different set of circumstances
Quality of description
Clarity and depth, activeness of interaction and readiness to provide further guidance

Terms & Conditions

Citizens and organizations of the BRICS countries – authors of solutions, projects or ideas, and/or persons who have deep knowledge about a solution, project or idea, and are able to perform mentoring functions in order to support its replication in other BRICS countries.
How to take part
Register at

Lodge your application - choose the nomination and fill in the application form

Interact with your fellow participants and jury, receive feedback and build collaborations
Become a finalist or a winner, and get your BRICS-wide recognition under the auspices of the BRICS Russia 2020

Evaluation process
All applications approved at the pre-moderation stage will be published on BRICS Solutions Awards website, and are subject to assessment by international jury that will score them in accordance with the identified criteria.

Finalists and winners will be selected through a simple voting procedure by the members of international jury.

International jury will be formed based on recommendations of National Chapters of the BRICS Business Council.


The deadline for applications extended till November 23, 2020
Registering applications (in English) via BRICS Solutions Award website, pre-moderation and first feedback to applicants.
Till November 23, 2020
Applications approved by moderators are considered by international jury.
Nov 24 - Dec 20, 2020
Announcement of winners under the auspices of the BRICS Russia 2020.
21-24 December 2020


F. A. Q.

Still have questions? Contact us via
What is the BRICS Solutions Awards about?
BRICS Solutions Awards contest is designed to enhance the search for and collection of successful practices and solutions that improve people’s quality of life and to promote systemic exchange of practices and solutions with adaptation and replication of the best ones.
What kind of the practices are looked for?
Practices and projects launched/implemented in the BRICS countries aimed at improving the quality of life (potentially effective or have already proven their effectiveness) and helping to adapt people’s lives in and after the pandemic.

The practices will be divided and assessed in the following categories:

1. Solutions for business
2. Health and lifestyle
3. Living standards and demographics
4. Education
5. Innovation and technology
6. Housing and urban environment
7. Green economy
Who can participate?
The contest is open to individuals (“Participants”) who:
  • are the citizens of the BRICS member countries only;
  • are the authors of solutions/projects or persons who have the deep knowledge about the implemented practice;
  • are able to perform mentoring tasks in order to support replication of the solution in the BRICS countries;
  • are above the age of 16 at the Start of the Contest Period. Parental consent is required for participants under the age of 18 (download consent form);
  • have agreed and will adhere to the Terms and Conditions herein.
How to participate?
To participate in the Contest, you should:
  • register on the Contest webpage and receive registration confirmation;
  • choose the nomination and fill in the application form;
  • be in contact to receive feedback from the jury;
  • be ready to participate in the online Awarding Ceremony!
Is there a participation fee?
Participation is free of charge for all applicants.
How many practices/solutions one applicant can post?
There is no limitation for participants in the number of practices/solutions that can be posted.
What is the language of the Contest?
The official language of the Contest is English. All contest materials should be provided in English.
What is the timescale of the contest?
Submission of applications on the website will be open till November 23rd, 2020.
The jury assessment will be in progress till December 20th, 2020.
The Finalists and the Winners of the Contest in each category will be publicly announced at the awarding ceremony at December, 2020.
How practices/solutions will be judged?
All posted practices will be assessed by the Jury of the Contest on the following criteria on a 1-10 scale, with 10 as the best:

  • Compliance (the solution corresponds with its objective)
  • Efficiency (required resource – achieved effect ratio)
  • Uniqueness (a solution/practice is novel and original)
  • Replicability (a solution/practice can be adapted and exported)
  • Coverage/scope (of potential beneficiaries)
  • Quality of description (clarity and depth, activeness of interaction and readiness to provide further guidance)

The highest ranked applications will proceed to the Jury meeting for selection of the Finalists and the Winners through a simple voting procedure.
How the Jury will be formed?
Each National Chapter of BRICS Business Council will nominate respected and recognized experts in the particular category as Jury members.
What acknowledgement the participants will get?
All participants who successfully submit their practices/solutions will be given a certificate of participation.
Participants who are shortlisted as the Finalists and the Winners will be awarded respective Finalist/Winner certificate and will receive broad media coverage of their solutions.
How the awarding ceremony will be organized?
Taking into account the current situation with travel restrictions the Awarding ceremony to honour the finalists and winners will be held online.
The exact date of the Awarding ceremony will be posted on the website
Who are the organizers of the Contest?
The Contest is initiated and organized by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in partnership with BRICS Business Council, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Roscongress Foundation with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Organizational Committee of the Russian Presidency in BRICS.
For queries about BRICS Solutions Awards please reach out to Agency for Strategic Initiatives International Office Team:
Mr. Pavel Doronin
Ms. Elena Gaiazova